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Aymara language
Native to: Bolivia
Native speakers: 2.8 million
Writing system: Latin (Aymara alphabet)
Capital city: Sucre
Currency: Boliviano (BOB)
Dialing code: +591
Country code: BO
Population: 10,556,102
Aymara is an Aymaran language with about 2.8 million speakers in Bolivia, Peru, where it is an official language, and also in Chile and Argentina. The majority of Aymara speakers, about two million, are found in Bolivia, several hundred thousand live in Peru, and a few thousand in Chila and Argentina. The Aymara originally used a collection of symbols, mainly pictures of people or things, as a mnemonic device. The symbols represented the things they portrayed or similar sounding words but never developed into a complete writing system. The symbols were originally written on animal skins using plant or mineral pigments but paper was substituted after the arrival of the Spanish in the 16th century. The symbols were never standardised and there was considerable variation in the way they were used among different Aymara groups. Under the influence of the Spanish, the Latin alphabet was adopted to write Aymara. Many different spelling systems have been divised over the years. In 1985, the Peruvian goverment introduced a new spelling system known as the Aymara Official Alphabet or Unified Alphabet.

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