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English (Australian) language
Native to: Australia
Native speakers: 76,8% of population
Writing system: Latin script (English alphabet)
Capital city: Canberra
Currency: Australian dollar (AUD)
Dialing code: +61
Country code: AU
Population: 24,997,500

Australia has no official language. It is a linguistically and culturally diverse country with influences from more than 160 spoken languages. Since European settlement English has been entrenched as national language. Australian English has a unique accent and vocabulary and is similar with British English, but the former has a colorful vernacular called “strine” thrown in for good measure. Strine or Ozspeak is the country’s greatest creative product characterized by- abbreviations, profanities, hyperboles and word-tweaking. The Australian English comprises of many words with an Aboriginal descent. Since the people cannot decide on which English to use, misspellings such as labor/labour and Program/programme abound. Besides, many words used every day in the country have different meanings to Australian unlike other English-speaking countries around the world. For example, Crook means ill, game (brave), ring (top performer), shout (round of drinks), tube (can of beer), and globe (light bulb). Everything is abbreviated in Australia. Some words have the vowel e, or o added as seen in derro (derelict), reffo (refugee), and Garbo (dustman). Others have a suffix (I, ie, or y) such as in Aussie (Australian), Barbie (barbecue), Chrissy (Christmas), footy (football), mozzie (mosquito), and cossie (swimming costume). Before European contact there were almost 400 Australian Aboriginal languages. Most of these Indigenous Australian languages are now extinct or moribund. There are about 50.000 people that speaks indigenous language (Tasmanian or Palawa languages and Torres Strait languages, Pidgins and creoles). Tasmanian languages are spoken in Island of Tasmania , used by Aboriginal Tasmanian. The languages were last used for daily communication until 1905. There are three languages spoken in the Torres Strait Islands- Kalaw Lagaw Ya and Meriam Mir and Torres Strait Creole.

English (Australian) voice over talent / English (Australian) voiceover artist / English (Australian) voice actor - female
English (Australian) voice over talent / English (Australian) voiceover artist / English (Australian) voice actor - female
English (Australian) voice over talent / English (Australian) voiceover artist / English (Australian) voice actor - male
English (Australian) voice over talent / English (Australian) voiceover artist / English (Australian) voice actor - female

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