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Name: Jo

ID: 1465

Gender: Female

1465 - Jo is a English (Nigerian) female voice talent

Jo is a 36 old English (Nigerian) female voice over talent. She has been in VO business for 18 years. Her primary jobs are animations, commercials, corporate, narrations and public announcements voice overs. Her natural voice type is young adult. Her voice is most suitable for commercials, corporate, e-learning, interactive voice response systems and narrations, but she can easily do numerous voice styles, such as adventurous, breathy, businesslike, childlike, commercials, gentle, high voice, low voice, mature and senior as well as breathy, calm, carefree, emotional, fun, optimistic, romantic, seductive, sales pitch and tough moods. She did numerous of English (Nigerian) voice overs and was trusted by companies such as Insite Communications, Ddb, Primagarnet, Stb Mccann, Centrespread Fcb, Verdant Zeal, Lintas, 141 Worldwide, Bates Cosse, So&u Saatchi And Saatchi and Ltc Advertising.

Jo is a Nigerian Voice artist, Actor, and Model. She Voices, scripts for jingles and radio drama, produces radio jingles, and provides IVR content for Companies, brands and Organizations. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Arts from the University of Lagos, Nigeria.With over ten years in the Voiceover profession, She has a passion to see Brands, Goods, and Services take the lead through quality Radio and TV Productions. Notable amongst the jobs done so far is Voice work for Sesame Square Nigeria; and Scripting and Major Voice Work for Peak Wholesome living, a 5mins Radio Drama on Health and Nutrition that ran for over three years across Nigeria. She runs a company- Algeria Creative concepts, where she helps in Conceptualizing, Branding, and Radio productions. She recently won an award for Best Audiobook Performance.

1465-Jo female English (Nigerian) voice over talent commercial video 1465-Jo female English (Nigerian) voice over talent narrative video 1465-Jo female English (Nigerian) voice over talent character video
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