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Shona language
Native to: Zimbabwe
Native speakers: 8.3 million proper
Writing system: Latin script (Shona alphabet)
Capital city: Harare
Currency: United States dollar (USD)
Dialing code: +263
Country code: ZW
Population: 12,973,808
Shona is a Bantu language, native to the Shona people of Zimbabwe the term is also used to identify peoples who speak one of the Shona language dialects: Zezuru, Karanga, Manyika, Ndau and Korekore. (Some researchers include Kalanga: others recognise it as a language in its own right.) Shona is a principal language of Zimbabwe, along with Ndebele and the official business language, English. Shona is spoken by a large percentage of the people in Zimbabwe. Other countries that host Shona language speakers include Botswana and Mozambique.

Shona voice over talent / Shona voiceover artist / Shona voice actor - male
Shona voice over talent / Shona voiceover artist / Shona voice actor - male
Shona voice over talent / Shona voiceover artist / Shona voice actor - female

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